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Virtual site-specific projects

After the disruption of normal theatre activity and arts festivals by the COVID-19 pandemic, EcoElectroQueerGardenParty was conceived as an online curated event to help fill the void, but also something new uniquely shaped by the possibilities and architectures of life online. EEQGP was initiated by Rudi van der Merwe in response to Pro Helvetia’s Close Distance call for projects.
EEQGP squats a well-functioning and clearly-structured digital platform destined for connecting a performer with an audience. Such as those used by the sex cam industry. The proposed use of this platform is not intended as a comment on the parallels between the sex industry and the art world. Rather think virtual site-specific, performative squatting, first-wave gentrification.

EEQGP took place 19-21 August 2020 and was created in collaboration with three curators who each compiled a programme featuring artists of their choosing.

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