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Miss en Abyme

Miss en Abyme depicts a revolution led by bimbos: its ideological symbols, its fiery language and its dictatorial failure. A crowd of bimbos seize the power and bit by bit their long blond hair gets drenched in the blood of their adversaries. Their slogans are clear: this is a universal revolution. However, once in power, the rumours on the new regime start circulating: incompetence, nepotism, abuse of power seem to be at the order of the day. It becomes necessary to repress the new counter-revolutionary revolution… Miss en Abyme thus constructs a cycle of violence complete with all the mechanics and pitfalls of power led by the figurehead of apolitical self-indulgence : the bimbo.


Length : 50 minutes 



  • Choreography and text : Rudi van der Merwe

  • Created in collaboration with : Madeleine Piguet-Raykov et Jòzsef Trefeli

  • Performed : Madeleine Piguet-Raykov, Jòzsef Trefeli et Rudi van der Merwe

  • Lights and film : Laurent Valdès

  • Assistant film and make-up : Floreanne Schneuwly

  • Original music : Christian Garcia

  • Additional music : Throbbing Gristle, J. S. Bach (Glenn Gould), the Red Army Choir



  • l’État de Genève

  • la Ville de Genève

  • la Loterie Romande

  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung

  • la Commune de Carouge

  • le Fonds Intermittents



  • 19, 20 March 2011, les printemps de Sévelin, théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne

  • 9-12 September 2011, la Bâtie – festival de Genève, Genève

  • 14, 16 June 2012, tanz ist festival, Dornbirn

  • 30 November 2013, Pink Cross, Bern

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