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Solstice speaks of the highest or the lowest point in a trajectory, the tipping point, the end or the beginning of a journey, the onset or the loss of hope. A concert-performance in search of strong sensations where the dance escapes from a body at the service of a vocal proposal.

Solstice is the first development of Celestial Spunk.

Duration: 16 minutes


  • Conception, textes et jeu : Rudi van der Merwe

  • Music : Clive Jenkins, Phoenecia, Johannes Kerkorrel

  • Lights : Jean-Philippe Roy

  • Created at the ADC as part of the ‘cabaret chorégraphique’ commissioned by festival Antigel.


  • les 10-12, 17-19 février 2011, festival Antigel, ADC, Genève

  • 29 septembre, 1 octobre 2011, Incidanse, Nouveau Monde, Fribourg

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